Ability to add reportings to portfolio

Could you please add an ability to add reportings to portfolio? It is really frustrating to share every reporting with team members instead of just sharing one portfolio.

Hi @Dmitriy_Gladkov , have you tried the Dashboard tab within your portfolio?
You will be able to create reporting charts there, similar to the ones in Reporting, but instead solely to do with the projects within that certain portfolio. Whoever you share the portfolio with, will also have access to the portfolio’s Dashboard.

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Thanks for the idea! But it is not the case because evert reporting project I’ve create contains a lot of dashboards. Like QA dashboards for each version.
If I try to put every dashboard into one tab in portfolio, it will be unreadable in 1-2 months.

And these portfolio dashboards are useless as well =( They are working only for a projects within the portfolio but the whole Team. I cannot use create complicated dashboards that need values from different projects.

You can actually do this using the Reporting feature where you can create dashboards that get values from multiple projects.

Additionally, you can also duplicate a dashboard and simply change the dates to reflect the period of that dashboard.

Correct. This is what I’m talking about in this thread. I need to collect all these complicated reportings in one portfolio.