needs to be reloaded?

Some members of my team regularly see a screen with the phrase “needs to be reloaded”. This is repeated often. Asana only works in incognito mode.

Hey @Alex208,

that could have various reasons.
As a first step I recommend checking all the troubleshooting steps.

Since it works in incognito mode it might have to do with some cookies or extensions maybe.

If that does not help I recommend reaching out to support:

And when you do so it is best to include a detailed explanation or even video showing what actions are performed before you get this error message.


@Alex208 , along with @Andrea_Mayer 's useful tips, this issue could also be due to a VPN. This bug was recently reported and could be related:


Hey @Andrea_Mayer,
I compiled instructions for my colleagues thanks to your comment! Thanks a lot!)

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Hey @Richard_Sather ,
Yes, one of the reasons was VPN. Thanks a lot!

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Yes! Thanks! One of the reasons was VPN

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