Need ideas on tracking Project Progress better than the stock options

We currently use “tasks” for our jobs (manufacturing highly complex projects). We’re going to be changing soon to using Projects so that we can gain some of the functionality of Projects that tasks cannot do.

However, we’re going to lose the wonderful Board View way of tracking our job’s progress. When a Job passes through one of our phases of development, we currently just drag the task from one Section to the next Section in Board View.

That allows EVERYONE to see at a glance what stage of development our jobs are at. It also allows us to create custom searches, so that we can see what stage of development all the jobs are that are assigned to specific people, since “Sections” show up in searches.

I can’t do that with Projects. And, we have about 20 different stages of development we need to be able to identify.

So far, the ONLY option I’ve discovered is that all job Projects will have a task called “Job Status”, and there’s a custom field there that we will have to manually toggle when a job is moved to the next phase.

I hate that, because that custom field is now available to EVERY OTHER TASK in that Project and it’s going to confuse people. And, it’s going to be a pain in the rear to have to remember to go to that one task and change that toggle.

The old drag-n-drop of tasks in board view is just so lovely. Why can’t they give us this for Projects? I know “portfolios” are somewhat like that, but I’ve tried it, and it’s just not the solution.

Hi @Matt5 EASY fix here! I’ve done this on some large clients.

Tasks only inherit CFs from the projects they are on. You probably know what I am going to say next :slight_smile:

So, this tracking Task, milti-home that into the tracking Kanban and it will inherit the CFs from that project (as well as the parent project it is in) while none of the other tasks in the parent project gets that CF.

Now you have only that one task with that CF which you can now update. Have rules in the tracking Kanban to move it along when CF is updated.

Getz, I see what you’re getting at, the Status task will pull the CF from the tracking project.

Interesting, so I’ll go set that up and experiment, it may solve a few other things for me also.


Some info to keep on hand

  • Maximum number of Dropdown options will increase from 50 to 100 (Available to Premium/Biz/Enterprise users).
  • Maximum number of CFs added to portfolios will increase from 20 to 30 (Available to Biz/Enterprise users).
  • Maximum number of CFs added to projects will increase from 20 to 30 (Available to Premium/Biz/Enterprise users ). Important note Please note this will not launch until the end of April (we’ll circle back here once we’re ready to ship this update)
  • MAX 60 fields per task
  • 20 fields viewable on List and 5 CFs visible on bard
  • Rules: 20 per project. 20 triggers and 5 actions Rules • Asana
  • 20 Subtasks per Rule
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