Need Asana/Google access under Team Drives!

What are the goals for adding Team Drives (which we use only now) to share information? It’s not accessible at this time when I want to share a link to a task?


Hi @Adrienne_McCue - I’m happy to help but I’m unclear on the question. Could you rephrase your question, please? If something isn’t working with the back end of your account, our support team will be happy to help! You can reach them at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana.

@Alexis - @Adrienne_McCue is asking about the same thing several Asana customers have been asking for, for a year:

I can’t believe Asana would close that thread with no more than the same canned response.


Hi Alexis,

When I want to attach a file, image, it only directs me to My drive files and not the additional “Team Drive” that has now been added to GSuite accounts. This is key because now, we are not sharing files under our own drive, ie, personal stuff, we want to only share files under Team Drive, that way, we always have rights to the information and anyone creating work and the Team Drive, isn’t saving any assets in their personal drive. This is a must now, because many are doing away with sharing personal information via MyDrive. Should have access to both!


Any update on this? My organization also uses Team Drive and one of the key reasons we switched from our other project management software to a premium Asana account was for the Drive integration…only to find this does not work. All of our organization files are in the Team Drive, and for many many many reasons, having them in personal drives is not an option.

  • Is integrating with Google Team Drives on the Asana Roadmap?
  • Is there an ETA, or any other information available about this?
  • Is there a better or more effective place to post these requests and receive information about this integration?

Thank you so much!


We want to be able to attach files from GSuite Team Drives as well. As a new comer this is worrying you didn’t address this issue for over a year now.


FYI: I was just informed by a sales representative that Asana has no plans to integrate Team Drive.

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That’s terrible news because we only use team drives for sharing docs, etc.

Hi folks! To echo what Melissa indicated, Team Drive is not currently scoped out, but it is on our radar. Thanks for sharing this update and for communicating what you’re interested in!

Most people would probably agree that as a company, you never want to have people regret having to use your product.

Respectfully Alexis, from all your responses on this topic here and in other threads, I don’t believe you, nor anyone in Product Management, nor Engineering genuinely understands what Team Drives is, what it represents for G Suite users.

Team Drives is Google’s way of providing file access control. A simple example is so that file ownership is transferable and files are maintained when employees leave the company. If there were a cloud storage feature anywhere that was more in line with what Asana’s own benefits claim your value-add is, I can’t think of one.

Given all the design aspects of Asana’s controls for group management of projects, permissions, and more, statements such as the one quoted earlier in this thread from Melissa in your Sales team are actually insulting to Asana’s customers.

None of this is a Feature Request as you and other Asana representatives keep trying to label this;

  • Google enhanced the security controls on how Drive works

  • As Google typically does, they simply gave this feature a brand label: Team Drives. It is not a new “product” from Google. In fact, the workarounds listed in the threads here re: Team Drives prove that out; it’s still just Google Drive, albeit with a control layer.

  • Google released the APIs to support navigating Team Drive months ago

  • Not having the Asana File Picker recognize Team Drives is a defect, not a feature request as you and others representatives here classifying this as

Please have the respect to NOT reply with yet another cut & paste text snippet thanking me for my “passion”, and other insincere drivel posing as “customer service” or community management.

Asana’s lack of serious response to this, coupled with the closure of the previous thread with no answer/guidance/resolution, and now further strained by comments from Asana representatives that this is not even on the roadmap, has put our company in an uncomfortable position: We now regret having committed so fully to Asana company-wide, and now will always have to be asking ourselves the question of whether we’re willing to undergo the pain (thanks to Asana) of switching to another alternative that takes security seriously.


Not a developer of any sort, but isn’t this functionality already outlined here for a developer? Would it not be simply changing the coding for the existing Google Drive functionality? I’m sure someone has shared this with your team already but here is the site that Google provided for this. Implement shared drive support  |  Google Drive  |  Google for Developers


We also need Team Drives available in Asana.

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We are currently evaluating a purchase decision on Asana. Lack of team drive support is a major issue. Our team lives out our team drive.


+1 for Team Drive Support in Asana. It’s more than a year since Google launched this feature. For those of that have migrated our files into Team Drives, Asana’s attachment feature is completely broken.

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Echoing what’s been stated. We need Team Drive integration.


We also need Team Drive integration. Our entire team is remote and Team Drives are essential to our collaboration. The file attachment feature is practically useless without Team Drive capability.

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We also need Team Drive Integration. Please, consider integration.

Thank you.

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I am with Thom here. This will be the reason we leave Asana for other options. All our company files are managed in Team Drive

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My organization relies on Google Team Drive to store and share information, without this integration we may be looking elsewhere as this is a feature that we cannot manage day to day operations without.

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I’ve been following this issue for a few months now since we signed up our team into Asana. Maybe this isn’t a big deal to Asana, but it’s critical to users of Asana. We’re growing our team and the file management bug means we have to do workarounds. Not sure for how long and it seems like a bug Asana doesn’t even want to fix. If that’s the case, then I’m inspired to look for other PM solutions.

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