Need ability to load a "Section" of tasks into projects from a Template "Section"

Lately, I have been loading a lot of projects from a template project and then deleting half of the stuff I don’t want. I’ve realized what I’m after is a template “section” of tasks, that I could load into several existing projects. This would help address much of the difficulties with the inability to copy-paste large groups of tasks. Or, the ability to copy-paste large groups of tasks might effectively cover this need.

Basically, at my company, we start a project, and there are a set of tasks (in Asana) that happen to gather information and determine if we should prototype. Not all projects will prototype and having the tasks in the project to “prototype” right at the start would make people worried since the decision has not been made yet. Once we determine to prototype, I want to be able to load in a new section to the project that is the “prototype” section and contains all tasks for this (and then a section for “testing” once prototype is built, etc). As it stands currently, I am creating a new project from our mega-template, then deleting half the sections that aren’t approved yet, then adding the old project tasks into the new project to carry them over, then archiving the old project. All just to “reveal” the a new templated section of the project as it progresses.

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