🏷 Naming tasks and projects is an art, but don't underestimate its importance

With that little drawing, I emphasize one important thing: naming a task (or a project) is critical. A task called “Website” is useless and will cost the assignee and everyone else a lot of energy to deal with. And you can probably ask two people they won’t have the same definition of what the task means! Avoid confusion at all costs in Asana!


Great tip @Bastien_Siebman! :star: We also recommend establishing task conventions when naming tasks :slight_smile:

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Imagine Asana could use AI to rate your task name. almost like a password strength check.
It can see if there is a verb and an noun and if a person is assigned.


Cool idea!

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Interesting idea! Too hard to do I believe!

I agree totally. Have to have a verb to drive action!

Noun == Topic

Verb == Action

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I am resharing a useful graph @Francesca shared on our Slack!