My Tasks: Tasks Marked Today Should Automatically Go To Today Section

I know there’s been lots of discussion and complaints regarding how My Tasks fails with respect to automatically collecting tasks with a Due Date applied to Today. Here’s a very specific example of how it fails.

I have a task with due date set to tomorrow. I’m getting ahead on my tasks and decide to change the due date to Today. I return to My Tasks and see that the task is NOT put in the Today section. I have to navigate to Home to see the task marked due today. But, maybe I forgot to do that and I forget the name of the task. All I remember is “this is just another thing I need to get done today.” I’m lost for a bit until I locate the task and then I want to apply it to the Today section in My Tasks. However, I’m viewing the task in its detail and I see no option to apply it to the Today section in My Tasks (there should be said option under the “…” menu. Luckily I’m a keyboard shortcut junkie and have memorized virtually all the Asana keyboard shortcuts so I apply Tab-Y to get the task moved to Today in My Tasks. I ponder what it must be like for other users who don’t know the keyboard shortcut, lost the task and struggle to quickly find it in My Tasks.

Worse yet, you mark something due Today and then go about your business doing other work as you don’t have time to check My Tasks after each and every due date assignment. It’s a few hours later in the day and your reviewing your tasks list and get everything done EXCEPT for the recently changed task in question and because you don’t it in My Tasks Today section it doesn’t get acted on. The next day roles along and you see the task in red in My Tasks Today section and you question yourself as to how you missed doing this the prior day and you know you cleared out everything in Today. In frustration you spend an hour searching the Web on various Asana topics and then discover that there’s some issues with how My Tasks Today operates. You then realize your productivity and tracking is on a bit of a slippery slope and requires careful attention when setting things to be due Today. You then ponder just how a productivity tool misses in providing a full proof way to ensure you truly get done what you’re supposed to accomplish Today. You see that many others have raised this topic for well over a year and then you wonder how it is that said problem continues to exist. You then resolve to try to explain it in clear terms so that powers-that-be may better understand the problem.

And, there you have it.

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