My Tasks - assigned subtasks not populating

I’m having an issue where certain subtasks in a project I’m a member of don’t populate in My Tasks when they are assigned to me. I can’t determine any difference between the subtasks that do or don’t populate, except that subtasks that do populate seem to be ones with subtasks of their own – subtasks without don’t appear. All are on the same initial subtask level, however.

Said tasks also appear in ‘My Tasks’ under the ‘No Project’ section despite being within a project when viewing that project or task. Changing due dates nor sorting by status appear to have an effect on the above.

I know that might be a bit difficult to parse but has anyone experienced some form of this issue? At this point I’m not sure if it’s a bug or there’s some discrepancy in how the subtasks are being assigned that I can’t see that’s causing it.

On a semi-related but more basic note: can I assign a task to a user not who is not part of that project and have it display in their my tasks? Or will it add them to the project and display only there? What options would they have to categorize tasks of that nature?

I should also note that I do receive email notifications when these subtasks are created/assigned to me, but then they do not appear in ‘My Tasks’ while others will – I have to go into the project to see them.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Perry_Phillips

Are the main tasks Recurring tasks?

Do you have any sort Criteria on in your My Tasks view?


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Thanks for the reply! These are not recurring tasks, though they are tasks that are copied over from previous iterations. (they are a set of actions we have to perform when an employee leaves the company, removing systems access, etc – so we have a new instance/task & subtasks every time that happens). It will be duplicated from the previous version typically.

I have My Tasks sorted by project & incomplete tasks only – though I’ve tested several sorting options and nothing has succeeded in making these subtasks appear.

Sorry @Perry_Phillips I am at a loss… Got nothing,…

Only suggestion would be to contact the support team to see if they can help…

Here’s how… How to contact our Support Team ✉

Hope that helps.


No worries, I couldn’t figure it out either. Might be a bug on my end somehow based on my testing, so I’ll get in touch with support. Appreciated.

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