Subtask doesn't show up in "my tasks" in firefox

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
A subtask won’t show up in “my tasks” for a user despite being assigned to it. Reassigning produced the same outcome.
The user then switched over to google chrome and the subtask still didn’t show up in “my tasks”. Only after reassigning the subtask while in chrome did the subtask finally show up in.

This bug occured twice within the last week, with different subtasks that seemingly had no correlation.

Steps to reproduce:
We couldn’t willingly reproduce the bug. All we could do was find out that it apparently had something to do with firefox.
I just wanted to open this thread in hope someone might have some insight.

Browser version:
Firefox 75.0

HI @Nicolas_Fischer and thank you so much for taking time to report this issue.

We haven’t receive any similar report so it might be specific to the user’s account or browser.

Can you please confirm if this is happening to one particular user or if it has happened to different users?
Can this user try the following troubleshooting steps in case is a browser related issue to prevent from happening again?

  1. Clear the browser cache
  2. Update browser to the latest release

Should this happen again, don’t hesitate to reach out providing a screenshot or a screencast to show the behavipur your are getting. That would be super useful to better understand what might be the issue.

I’m moving this out of the Bug category but leave it open so you can follow-up here in case it happens again.

Thank you Nicolas! Have a great Thursday!

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