My Tasks 7 Day Calendar View

Is the My Tasks 7 Day Calendar View, as outlined here a premium feature? It doesn’t say that it is in the guide I just linked to but I don’t have that option in My Tasks. It would be a game-changer for me if I could find out how to get it!


@Stephanie_Baxter We have Premium and it doesn’t show up as a setting to choose on my “My Tasks” either. Would love to hear how to enable this as that would be a game-changer for me also. I did check in My Profile Settings" and couldn’t find anything there.

I have Premium, and I can choose a 7-day calendar view for My Tasks. I guess we would need Asana to explain what is going on.

Does clicking what you circled in green change it to the 7-day view for you? I have that same button but it only switches weekends on and off on the monthly view on mine.

This is a new feature being rolled out I believe. So they are probably rolling to some users first.

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Hi everyone! :slight_smile: The new 7 day Calendar view for My Tasks is not available yet but it’s coming very soon! :tada: We will post an announcement with all details in the #announcements category as soon as we start rolling out the feature. You can follow this category so you are notified as soon as we post the announcement: Follow our Announcements category to keep up to date with what’s new in Asana! 📨


I can see only a “monthly” view - the choice I have is with or without weekends.

“Monthly” == 4 weeks, with the either the top or bottom slightly truncated, so more like 3.8 weeks.

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