My Task View with Section Headers

When I view my tasks, it groups them by projects but then it doesn’t show the section header. We may have a client project that has four sections and each section has similar tasks. For example: Project A: Section Video 1: Task: Write Script. Project A: Section Video 2: Task Write Script.
When I look at my tasks, I see write script four times but without seeing the section header, I can’t tell which Video script needs to be written by the due date for that Video.
How do you organize your My Tasks to be by Project and then by Section under that project? Or even how do you display the section with the task. I only see Project: Due Date; Project.

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A screenshot would be super helpful in your case (just blur confidential info)

Now what I think you might be referring to is tasks in various projects and how they display in “My Tasks” as you would want to understand the project they are from and the section they are added in.

If so then this is how it would display:


If you are added to the other projects then it shows you the project name and section name.
In case you are not added to the project maybe ask to be added, at least with comment access so you can view all details.

If this cannot be done then you might wanna think about getting your team to use custom field with drop-down so Project and section can be displayed this way.

Does that help?

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Here’s the screenshot. When I’m in my Tasks, this is what I see. You’ll see the Project Name and then you see the tasks. But as you’ll see, there are three tasks called “finalize prep package”. When I open the project itself, these three tasks are under different Sections: Shoot Mobile Vet Interviews, Shoot Board Member Interviews. So the prep package goes with each section in the project. When I see it listed here, it doesn’t tell me which prep package needs to be done. I don’t see an option in My Tasks to also sort sections under each project.

Hey @Heather_Sasser,

Within My Tasks there should be a Project column that should help identify which task is associated with which project. Also you might be able to use the Tags within tasks to help identify what they are tied to. For instance in my structure I have tasks directly associated with the progress of a project along with Action Items. To help identify what is an Action Item and what is a task that is tied to the critical path of a project I created a tag called Action Item. Then added the Tags column in my tasks to help me stay organized. You could go into a little more detail on the task name or possible use the Tags to identify the section.

Project sections are different than My task sections.

I think you can’t see in which section of a project is a task in My Task view.

That’s a good point. The best option here might be to add more detail in the task name. To help combat this I do the following.

Section Name
1 Milestone
1.1 Task
1.2 Task
1.3 Task
2 Milestone
2.1 Task
2.2 Task
2.3 Task

Then in My Tasks I can reference the # at the beginning of the task and the project name. I hope this is helpful.

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