My Projects Stand Alone Page


Dedicated Projects page to get a better overview of all projects I created and/or projects I have at least 1 or more tasks assigned to me without having to click MORE on dashboard widget or try to use the small “See more projects” section on the left.


As a user starts a day, they may want an eyeball overview of ALL projects they are tracking with clear visibility.

I would like to recommend a dedicated page only for viewing projects.

Features could be

  1. (To make it easy on devs) Recycle the projects widget on dashboard , enlarge it so it has entire page width. DO NOT MAKE IT FEEL LIKE AN EMBEDDED ELEMENT. But display all projects.

  2. Make it drop and drag to the order I would like it (to symbolize my project priorities)…or at least respect alphabetical/numbering conventions that projects are named with.

  3. Optional but ideal - just put this under MY TASKS and name it MY PROJECTS.

It is cumbersome to switch from project to project w/ very little screen restate given w/ the left panel and projects widget.

Please make this happen, it would make project switching so much easier and flow more efficiently.

You can do an advanced search to see all projects you own or collab on. Also, many folks will add all the projects they manage into a private portfolio for easy access.

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