My Asana tab frequently crashes and has very high memory usage

Hi All,
I am using Asana in google chrome and can check the memory consumption of the individual tabs. Most tabs consume 50-400 MB of memory but my Asana tab regularly consumes 3.5-4GB of memory. Unsurprisingly my Asana tab freezes/crashes regularly especially when I add a new task. This is quickly becoming unsustainable. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a setting I can change to fix the issue? Thanks!

P.S. If it is relevant I have the toggl track integration activated

Welcome, @John_Desmarais,

I recommend you try these troubleshooting steps, then create a support ticket: see How to contact our Support Team.

FWIW, I use a lot of Chrome tabs and don’t run into this.



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The same here

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