My Asana on desktop changed not the same as my phone app

Since this morning my Desktop Asana is not the same as this one on my phone (app). this one on my computer looks empty opposite to my phone. Beforehand both of them matched.

I have chrome and basic asana (nothing changed)

What to do ?

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Hi @Kim_Lessage, sorry for the trouble. When you say they look different, do you mean that your data is missing? Would you be able to share more details about this issue? Can you confirm if you’re logged into the same space in both devices?

yes i did check i’ m connected with the same email but data are only missing on my desktop not on my phone

Thank you for the additional information, Kim. Unfortunately, I cannot replicate this issue on our end, so I’d recommend contacting our Support team directly for further assistance. They would have access to your account set up and proper tools to better investigate this problem. Please kindly let them know the troubleshooting steps you’ve taken, and also include full screenshots of both views so they can see the difference between them.

Hi @Kim_Lessage , do you have perhaps multiple Asana accounts?
If you click on your avatar with your photo (or the coloured circle with your initials) in the top right corner of your desktop app, do you see more than one workspace listed?
Perhaps it has switched to the wrong one.

The same can be done when you tap on the Account icon (bottom right) in the mobile app which lists all the Asana instances (organisations or workspaces) that you are a member of.


Good morning. Thank you both, Richard. You were right; there was more than one workplace, and I switched to the wrong one; I found it thank you! :grin:! :+1:


Glad to help! :slight_smile:

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