🔥 My 3 Asana breakthrough discoveries

I have been using Asana for 10 years, and I had 3 breakthrough realizations that completely reshaped the ways I was using the tool.


:dizzy: A priority based My Tasks with specific rules

I quickly dumped the regular “Today”/“Upcoming”/“Later” for my own sections, and after a few iterations, I landed on “Top priority”/“Important”/“Secondary”. It really works well for me.
I also decided to move the “Recently assigned” below the “Top priority” to make sure I tackle what matters first.
Finally, I created three rules: a simple auto-promotion, moving a due today task to “Recently Assigned”; as well as a “Task is no longer blocked” also promoting tasks; and finally snooze sections pushing the due date of tasks placed in them.

:dizzy: A meta system where a client is both a project and a task within its project

We have been using Asana as our CRM forever, but the real breakthrough was realising a client/lead needed to be a task (to get a list of them all with custom fields and dashboards) as well as an entire project, to be able to manage invoices, quotes, sessions without using subtasks. The key element was to place the task itself at the top of the project. It allows us to easily navigate and go up and down in our system.

:dizzy: A task belongs to a project, a project is connected to a portfolio and a goal

This is the latest of our breakthrough. We felt like there was a missing piece, until we realised the Pyramid of clarity Asana was promoting was not only a marketing idea: it was the missing key.

Each task we have (a content to create, a tool to build, a bug to fix) is part of a specific project. Each project has usually a similar layout: a backlog section, a “Priority” section and an “Ongoing” section.

Each project is also part of a portfolio (Marketing, R&D…) as well as connected to a goal (release 12 tools this year, keep a bug-free tool set…).

Our daily work uses the tasks and projects. Our weekly review looks at portfolio. Our monthly review looks at goals. It is all connected.

What were your breakthrough?


Would love to see a screen shot of the layout of “he key element was to place the task itself at the top of the project. It allows us to easily navigate and go up and down in our system.”


This is what this screenshot shows: our (fake) Tesla lead is a task, sitting at the top of its own project.

I’ll explain it during my webinar tomorrow on Asana as a CRM, are you coming?!


Where do i find the login for the webinar? Sounds intresting.


Yes, I’d love the webinar info as well, please.
Thank you!

Already more than 250 attendees!

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Can I get the recorded version please and thank you!

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I would also like a recorded version! I just saw this

Oh shoot, I didn’t read this till now. Any chance we could get a recording of the webinar?

The recording will be uploaded on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4K2KZG3Ov2p1fnNH37ZQXQ and I’ll post it here as well!


The recording has been published https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U-vjEXUxlo


me too!!!

The screenshot was shared in the next message :slight_smile: 🔥 My 3 Asana breakthrough discoveries - #3 by Bastien_Siebman