Multiple language search

I would like to create tasks in Asana in different languages. For example, when I’m working with the team, I’d like to use English, but when I’m creating tasks just for myself, I’d like to use Spanish. Is there a way to set the search so that it can find an item regardless of the language? I may not always remember what language I use for a particular task and it would be good for the search to look for both languages.


I am confused. If you search for “ice cream” you’ll get task talking about ice cream in English and if you search for “gelato” you’ll have tasks in Spanish… Would do you say the search does not search in multiple languages?

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Hi @Ansje, thanks for reaching out!

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, the search should work regardless of the language you use. If you search in spanish you will get the tasks where you wrote the sentence in spanish and the same for the tasks you wrote in english.

I also speak spanish and I sometimes create a quick reminder in spanish. This task is still searchable although my Asana settings are in english and the rest of the tasks are in english.

@Bastien_Siebman “gelato” in Italian and “helado” in spanish :wink:

I hope this. helps, @Ansje! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response. My concern is that I may not remember what language I created the task in. So, using this example do you use both “ice cream” and “helado” in your search? Or is there a setting that allows Asana to translate and search for both terms if you type in one? @Emily_Roman, do you search for the terms in both languages or do you have a pretty good memory about which language you created the task in?


I don’t know a single tool that would allow this :sweat_smile: