Multiple due dates with rule by project

Hi! I am trying to add multiple due dates to a project template and add a rule to each due date and can’t seem to find a work around. I can add another column with a new due date but only a description can be added. I will note that the due dates are dependent on certain criteria and if it is not applicable then it will be hidden within the project.

My team is trying to avoid creating multiple project templates and hoping that we can add this feature.

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish?

As in, what is the rule for?

I want to add another Due Date column in a project template and to be able to apply a due date rule to certain tasks.

I tried the following: I went into a project template > edit > click “+” to add a field > input Field Title > selected Date for the field type > Created Field . At this point I want to add a due date rule to a certain task and cannot. I can add a due date, but since it is a template the selected date will not be applicable for all future projects.

Rules are added at the Project level, so you can’t apply a Rule specifically to a Task.

If you could spell out the exact logic of what you want to have happen, and include screenshots of the template, and a mocked-up view of Before and After the Rule operates, I’m sure we could help.

Ok, but why?

You’re talking about a solution to a problem. I might be able to help you accomplish your goal if I better understand the reason behind your request.

I get what she is trying to do.

She is trying to apply multiple due dates FROM the END date of the project.

If you try adding new “Date” columns in the project, they don’t have the same capability is what it looks like.

Anyone has any idea about how to overcome that?

Support this request I guess: 📅 Relative project template dates (other than after start or before end)


Hi, we actually figured out a solution!!

When you go within a project template to edit the project, you will need to go along the headline to add a field.

Click on “+”
Select “Formula”
Choose your field title
Go to “Advance” and input your formula.
You can choose to Subtract or Add however many days from the due date.

For example: fxDateSubtract(DueDate,30)


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