Multiple Approvers in Workflow

I have created a workflow that will use a form that requests edits to documents. There are three different departments that will need to approve simultaneously. I’ve noticed that once the form comes in, the 3 approvals are created (they appear as subtasks). Once those subtasks get approved though, the parent task does not move through the rest of the workflow. Instead, those subtasks then “live” on their own. How can I fix this?

Welcome, @Angelique_Kuhn-McNea,

I recommend you use regular subtasks (not Approval-type subtasks), and have each department mark its subtask complete to indicate approval.

Include a rule like this to move the task to the next section once all departments have approved:

The subtasks won’t go away, but there’s no need for them to; they maintain the record of approvals.

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Thank you so much!

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