Multiple possible approvers

I’m sure this has been asked but I can’t find the answer as of now. I have a sub-task set as an approval but I have two possible team members who can approve the item, it doesn’t require both. I just need one. However, I can only add one assignee. What is the best work around for getting an approval from one of two possible approvers? Thanks in advance.

One approach would be to leave the approval subtask unassigned, but create two sub-subtasks, one assigned to each person asking the first to complete the approval parent task and complete or delete the sibling sub-subtask. The strength of this approach is each person gets a My Task task.

A simpler approach would be to add both possible approvers to the single subtask as Collaborators, and the most likely approver as the Assignee, but only she will see a My Tasks task in this case (but the other will get a notification in the Asana Inbox).