Multi-select items in the inbox for quicker archiving

When using the inbox, currently, I have to archive (dismiss) notifications one by one.

This can be slow and laborious when there are many notifications to digest and archive. It would be very helpful to be able to multi-select inbox notifications so they can be bulk-archived. Similar to how tasks can be multi-selected and have their completion status, project, project section etc. updated en masse.

Would cumulatively save a lot of time!

I am using the keyboard shortcut “e” and that’s super efficient :slight_smile:

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Oh nice – I didn’t realise that! And also just discovered bookmarking notifications! Any other keyboard shortcuts you consider favourites of yours?!

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Tab + S to create subtasks, Tab + N to create a section, Tab + / to open the search


There’s also an “Archive All” option if you click on the three dots right above all your notifications. This combined with the bookmarking is pretty efficient for me.

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Top man!