Feature request: Undo archiving in the Inbox

Hi, it would be really nice to have a hotkey to Undo changes on the Inbox screen.

Every day I process my inbox and use E shortcut to archive processed notifications. But often enough I face a case when I archive some notification by a mistake and really want to get it back from the archive to the inbox to do some action first before the archive. In such case I have to find it in the Archive manually but It would be very useful to have something like Cmd+Z to undo the archiving.

In my case I run into a really annoying bug. Depending on what you do on the task in the right pane, it might lose focus, and if god forbid you were typing a comment, any type you press E it archives notifications. Drives me nuts…

Hi @Sergey_Gorshkov

Welcome to the Asana Forum :slight_smile:

You can do that with shortcuts already. After you realise you have just archived the wrong notification hit the following keys in this order:

Step Nr. Keystroke Action
1. S → gets you into the Archive
2. U → unarchives the selected notification
3. H → gets you back to the Inbox

You can also select other notifications with ↓ and ↑ arrows.

Once you hit this sequence a couple of times, you’ll get used to it and it’ll be as quick as a CTRL+Z.