Archive Inbox notifications from Slack

I get Asana notifications in Slack via the integration. It would be great if I could archive Asana Inbox notifications directly from Slack instead of going back to the Asana app to archive them.

There are already buttons for “Reply” and “Like” in the Slack notification — maybe an “Archive” button could be added here too.

Why are you reading your notifications in Slack and not in Asana in the first place? Thanks for sharing!

I use Slack like my notification command center. I integrate a lot of my external apps into Slack so I can review notifications all in one place and streamline my workflow.

I use Asana a lot for internal ticketing and software troubleshooting, and I send a notification to Slack when a new ticket is created. A lot of the time I’m communicating through Slack after that anyways, so it would be quicker to archive the notification directly from Slack instead of navigating back to Asana.

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