Multi-Level Workload

Is there a way to have multi-level workload summaries using the same project information?
I am a project manager in a civil design firm. I use Asana to schedule the various tasks on multiple projects for the 4 designers that I manage. I can add these projects to a portfolio and utilize the workload function to keep track of the designer’s workload.
However, I am one of 6 project managers and my supervisor would like to utilize the workload function in asana for the project managers. The project manager is the owner of the project but most of the tasks are assigned to the designers. When these same projects are added to the project manager portfolio, the designers still show up in the workload view. I would like to role up all the designer workload into their respective project managers. Is there a way to filter the view based on project role (i.e. Project Owner)
With the current format I would need to have separate projects for the same work with tasks assigned to the project manager. However, this creates duplicate work and a potential for errors.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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