Moving Projects from a team

Hi there team,
Is there a way of moving projects from a team so that the project (a) keeps all it’s information and (b) does not belong to a team.
Ideas or assistance would be great, thanks.

Hi @TTA_Office ,

Currently, a project is an ‘object’ that is always located within a team. If you don’t want it to be part of a particular department, you can create a Team called ‘Projects’ and place all your org-wide projects / initiatives in there.

If you want the project to be private to certain members, and not visible to Team members, click on the blue Share button and change the privacy to ‘Private to members’ and invite those members to the project.

Soon, you will be able to share a project with an entire team, meaning that the project will appear in more than one team, similar to how a task can be visible in more than one project.

PS: I hope you don’t mind me moving this thread to the public forum where another +600k users can see it. Thanks!


Hi Richard,

Thanks for that. That answers my question.

Happy for you to move the Q&A to the public forum.