Coming soon: team sharing on projects!

Hi everyone :wave:

We’re excited to share that we’re planning to introduce team sharing on projects in the coming weeks! With this update, you will be able to effortlessly invite multiple teams to join a project as members, streamlining access and making collaboration at scale easier!

Some important notes:

How will notifications work? Project admins will be able to customize notification preferences for an entire team at once (just like they can for individuals). Members of that team will be able to further adjust their notification preferences so they can be different from the team’s preferences.

How many teams can each project be shared with? We’re starting with a limit of 10 teams per project.

Who can use team sharing?

  1. Organization users with paid plans will always be able to team share.
  2. Free users will only be able to team share except in the way they currently can (share with the containing team)
  3. Users in workspaces will not be able to team share.

We look forward to hearing what you think; please share your questions and feedback in the comments below!

Please note this update is scheduled to gradually roll out between mid-June and late July (we will regularly post updates on this thread to keep you updated). Team sharing on projects will be available to all customers in paid organizations (both on legacy and new pricing plans)


Managing permissions on Team level will be so much easier.


I don’t understand this sentence…

= Free users will only be able to share their project with the team containing the project itself.

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I think this will be a welcomed release.

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Hi there,
Will tagging teams also be an option in the ‘Add collaborators’ field of individual cards, or only when sharing an entire project?


Welcome, @Imogen_Roos,

Only for sharing the project as a whole, I’m afraid.



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Great feature for big organizations. I love it


Regarding sharing projects with a team.

It’s not the same as multi-homed to multiple teams, right?

Is the idea of ​​"granting access rights to a project on a team-by-team basis" correct?

Correct @Ka_Nishiyama :slight_smile:

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Is there any update on release schedule of this feature?

Hello @Neha_Tare,

This feature has just began rolling out to customers; it’s currently available to 1% of Asana customers and should become available to everyone by the end of the month (we’ll post an update here once that’s the case!)

Hi Marie,

Thank you for the update. Is there a possibility for you to share release date for Amazon, when will it be available for Amazon users?

Hi @Neha_Tare :wave:

I don’t have access to this info, but I’ll post an update as soon as this feature rolls out to 100% of users :slight_smile:

This update is now available to 10% of our users and we plan to ramp it up to 50% of users by end of the week. Stay tuned for more updates!


@Marie Glad to see this rolling out! Will the ability to add a team to a project also be incorporated into Templates (Project Members section)?
" Project members: These are people that will always be added to a project that is created from this template."