Moving a project from one organization to another


I would like the ability to move a project from one team in a particular organization to another team in a different organization. Our company has many entities and domains, however they are all the same company. For example -,, etc. I created all the organizations for our company and need to move a project and am unable to do so and have not received any help from the Asana support team.


Hello Chandler,

There is no official solution from Asana, BUT I tried this one and it worked great for me:

It was also un-officially recommended to me by one Asana Customer Success Manager.

My recommendation before using it:
Copy your project
Test first with a dummy/Example project



This tool seems to work great for copying projects/tasks between workspaces, but doesn’t seem to support moving projects/tasks between organizations. Is there any other way to do this outside of manually remaking all the tasks in the new organization?


You can simply delete the old project after copying it with the tool to the new organization.