Move Multiple Projects to a Different Team, New Portfolio (Bulk Move)

Now that I have access to Portfolios, I am combining Teams. I have about 100 projects (5% are active; 95% are archived) in one team that I want to move to a different team.

There is no way to select multiple projects and bulk move to a different team–or is there?

After moving to a different team, the next step will be to add those 100 projects to a new portfolio. I don’t see a way to add projects (active or archived) in bulk to portfolios. I really do not want to go into each individual project to add to a Portfolio.

Hi @Angie_Canon, great question!

At this time, there is no way to bulk move projects unfortunately. As a workaround, you can quickly move them by dragging and dropping them in your sidebar. This could be helpful depending on the number of projects you’d like to move. You can find more info in this article .

I hope this helps!

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