Bulk Move of projects from 1 team to another team

Hi, is there a quick way of moving multiple projects from one team to another within the Asana UI? Or would this be a job for the API?

Do you need all the comments on existing tasks to go with them? How many projects are involved?

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Hi @Tanjerine! This is a great question, currently, we don’t have an option to move multiple projects between Teams at the same time within Asana but you can quickly move them by dragging and dropping them in your sidebar. This could be helpful depending on the number of projects you’d like to move. Please find more information in this article.

Let me know if you have any questions :wink:


We’re talking about upwards of 1000 projects. It’s because we created them before hand based on a schedule and now we have to move them based on a revised schedule. :s

Will it be possible via the API ?