how do I add a team to a project in asana desktop app?

I have googled for the answer this question. I can’t find the answers. I want to add a team to a project. I don’t know how how to do it. Your help is appreciated.

Hi @Ken_Germann and welcome to the forum!

You can’t “add a team to a project” as it doesn’t follow the basic hierarchical structure of how Asana is designed. Rather, projects are contained in a team:

In other words, within an organization, every project lives in a team (and can only live in one team).

So you could move the project to another team, but of course then it would no longer be in the team you moved it from.

(Also as a side note, there’s currently no such thing as the “Asana desktop app”, it’s a web app that runs in your browser.)

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Can I move a project to a team?

I know you can move tasks to a project one at a time. That is a pain with 30 or more tasks. If there is a faster way, I am interested in learning.

@Ken_Germann review this portion of the Asana Guide to learn how to move tasks in bulk (50 at a time): How to multi-select tasks | Product guide • Asana

Yes, this portion shows you how to move a project to another team: Team basics: create, join, and manage teams | Product guide • Asana

Finally, if you have a project that you want to make visible to members of another team, you can do this by adding those members as project-specific members of the project.