Adding or assigning an existing project to a team so it shows up as a team project.

Hi there! I created a project before I knew how to set up a team. I set up a team and now I need to move my project into that team so it shows up in that team’s projects. Is that possible or do I need to start over by creating it as a team project? Thanks!

Hi @Amy_Prentice Just click the down caret next to the project name and select move to another team.

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@Getz_Pro thank you, but my drop down menu on my project does not have that “move to another team” selection. It has Export/Print and then Archive right under it. :frowning:

Are you a member of the Team the project resides in currently? You need to be a member of both originating and destination teams @Amy_Prentice

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Something is fishy here. I’m not sure you actually are in an Organization, @Amy_Prentice; the reason it’s puzzling is you said

I created a project before I knew how to set up a team.

But in an organization, all projects live in teams; it’s not possible to have a project that lies outside of any teams.

If you click on your photo/initials circle in the upper right and go to Admin Console > Settings, does it show “Organization name” or “Workspace name”?

Yes I set up the team and the project and I am a member of the team. But when I set this project up, I had not yet converted the workspace to an organization. I was still learning the program. So the origination project was not within a team. Now that I have an organization and a team, I am trying to move that project into my team.

Phil, I had created this project before I knew to convert the workspace to an organization. I was in trial mode playing around and created a project. Then we upgraded to business and I learned how to convert the workspace to an organization. Then I created my first team and would like to move my project into that team. The strange thing is, before converting to an organization, I had access to the admin console. Then I created the organization and converted the workspace, and when I click my photo circle the Admin Console option is no longer there. So I am very confused.

@Amy_Prentice reach out to


@Getz_Pro thanks so much for your help. I just recorded a screen share of all these roadblocks and sent it to the Asana rep I have been working with but will follow up with support too if I don’t get assistance today. Thanks again!

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Ah OK that was the key fact, you were a Workspace and then converted to an Organization! Yeah, for sure I concur with @Getz_Pro, you’ll need Asana support to help you through this one.

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