Move a task to another project



I’d like to be able to move a task I erroneously created in one project to another project. Totally different clients/projects.


@Theresa_Jennings, happens to me too! You can edit the Project a Task lives in by hovering over where the Project name appears in the Task details and clicking on the pencil icon (see instructions here). You can have the Task live in both Projects, too, if it pertains to both clients. Let me know if that helps!


Yay - thank you … this is going to make keeping my New Requests project manageable - I can move the task to it’s final project once the IT manager has reviewed it and let’s me know where it should go.


@Tracy_Meneses, great idea! We often “triage” Tasks that way internally at Asana, where a Task is created in a Project (say, “Requests for Customer Success”) and then re-file it in a different Project if there’s a better fit.