More filtering options to filter Inbox notifications

For an “inbox” tab in every project - this suggestion has been made and needs more votes!
==> Create Activity feed to Teams & Projects

Ykes. Just voted. :wink:

A lot of great suggestions here which I totally agree with!

Personally, I would love if I could implement GTD in my Asana Inbox just like like I do with my email inbox or in Asana’s My Tasks. I would like to mark notifications as Urgent/Today, Upcoming/This Week, Back Burner/Later this month. Just so I can keep track of all those tasks that are not mine (but that I need to follow up with or relate to some of my tasks one way or another) instead of archiving them, where I most likely will miss many of them, or leaving them in the Inbox, clogging the system and giving me anxiety. :wink:


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“Inbox” is misleading. To me it operates more like a feed of information. And much like Facebook’s feed, I have to assume the alorithm isn’t showing me everything.

I agree with all the comments and suggestions above. I’d like to propose a prompt to update task due dates when commenting, and add the ability to mark work requests as hi-med-low priority.

I do appreciate being able to mark something for follow-up, but there are too many instances where I’ve completely missed a note I was tagged in and had to be re-tagged by someone days later who was asking for status. This makes me look incredibly unprofessional, when really, I’m on top of my game with all of the work that I actually know about.


I need a way to be notified of @mentions. Right now they are hidden in the inbox mess. I don’t need to see every task completed or newly created in every project, but when someone mentions me I definitely need to know about it.


Agree with all. The inbox is unmanageable. I’d like to see tasks with comments to me only

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This discussion will be one year old in few months, but Asana did not yet announced any plan on this. :frowning:


still many people that want this… still broken. I foolishly assumed i just didnt know where to turn on settings that would allow me to filter my inbox…


Asana did add a hack which we’re finding useful. Be sure to enable the hack “Disable Notifications for Tasks Starting & Due Today” if you haven’t already done so.

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I don’t really use inbox - it always seemed to be a concession for users who really wanted emails. I rely on my organised task list ie using tab-U to move stuff to upcoming after amending due date.

With the introduction of start / due dates though, I wonder if the inbox could be helpful, eg notify of important tasks on their start date, or due date.

This only has possibilities for me if i can have a default setting for “no notifications” (for most tasks). Otherwise, yep, the inbox is way too cluttered.

I currently manage 120 projects. How can Asana think the inbox can be useful to maintain everything on track? Reading the inbox means for me to continuously switch from a project to another. Not having filters is simply a stupid condition.


I can’t agree more!

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Another Suggestion is to be able to process the inbox Oldest first without having to scroll/load scroll/load a million times


Agreed. I don’t understand why i would want to see tasks due in my inbox. Isn’t that the whole point of basically all the other Asana features?

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Couldnt agree more ! Good post!

Although I can confirm that the suggested improvements would help me also, I do not really have a problem with the current situation as the inbox is the first thing for me to review so there are usually not so many entries there in my case.

@Paul_Stoermer pretty much nailed it and there are a number of additional ideas that would really help. I will add one more:

  1. If you are already looking at a task, especially the most recent posts and that Task is in your Inbox, either remove it since you’ve already looked at it, or mark it as “read” so it’s no longer a pending Inbox item.

Hope you folks at Asana are considering Inbox changes/overhaul (the name too, please) soon. Asana is so great, this would just frost the cake to to speak.


I agree to any of the above suggestions for inbox filters. Right now, just back from vacation and working through way too many notifications, I’d be happy for a way to sort inbox notifications by date so I can see oldest first. I have to scroll waaaaaay down to do this and it’s a huge time waster.

Hi there!

Asana is the most important tool in my business for mapping out tasks and holding my team accountable to deadlines, but it’s inability to highlight communication is frustrating and creates inefficiencies and miscommunication.

I believe three things need to be created to improve the software:

  1. A notification system which informs you of tasks that have been assigned or created on your behalf.
  2. A notification of when another user writes a keyword/ tag that’s relevant to you (like Slack does).
  3. A filtering of notifications by project (via a drop down menu).

My inbox at the moment is so vast from incidental creation/ changes/ comments to tasks that I find the experience painful and a waste of time. Until something like the above gets created, does anyone have any cheats or shortcuts?

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A notification filter or sort method would be a productivity game changer for us! Specifically sorting by project or by type of update (i.e. comment vs completion).

Or a way to do this via the search function… right now you can search for tasks within a project that have been updated in the last day… but the notification view would be significantly easier to process. :slight_smile: