More filtering options to filter Inbox notifications

Hi guys just moving this post to try and gather all feedback on this topic!


Have anyone here mentioned simple option of changing order of inbox messages?

To see oldest messages first would help us a lot sometimes. :slight_smile:


Our team likes the idea of Asana. We are really disliking Asana’s inbox and notification preferences. This is the first issue our organization has with the software, so I go here for help/solution/updates for my team and on the first items… this string of users being ignored. Sad.

It’s been a year of postings from users on this issue (better notification management and inbox management), why haven’t any of these feature requests been prioritized and implemented? Why hasn’t a member of Asana’s team provided any feedback? Kind of defeats the purpose of these communities.


I totally agree. While managing many many different project, the impossibility to focus attention to updates of a specific project is something incredibly overlooked by the Asana developers.
As premium user we would expect more attention to our requests.

I agree with the concept of filters.

I would actually like the ability to setup up multiple boxes (almost like a kanban board look) where each board (box) has a different filter on it.

  1. Maybe I need one to filter just by my primary team’s work (custom field).
  2. Then maybe I want one where anything @mention me is there (not just what I’m following, but specific at mentions).
  3. Maybe I want to follow all convos from a specific Asana Team, or project.
  4. Maybe I want to filter the message for a specific type of task (custom field)

In other words, I know many people here are asking for a inbox that can be filtered… I’m asking for an inbox that can be split into multiple sections each with their own filtering.

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Scrolling through my entire inbox is too burdensome even in my simple 30 member team. I set up many of the projects company-wide, so I get notifications for hundreds of projects and tasks I set up for others and no longer need to monitor. I need a sorting function in the inbox so that I can keep on top of status updates, mentions, comments, etc., but not task completions or new tasks. No one in my organization stays up to date on their inbox exactly for this reason, but I set aside twenty-thirty minutes a week to slog through all of the feed to ensure I don’t miss any comments and that I view all relevant status updates. It’d be lovely if that twenty-thirty minutes could be five or less for my own sake and then maybe my team members would also keep up with their comments and mentions, too.


@Marie I think there is another thread on this request, can you merge…


Of course @Jason_Woods, thank you so much for the mention! @Abigail_Jones, we already have a thread on this topic in the Forum, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to gather all feedback on this topic. Feel free to add your vote to the main thread as votes do not carry over when threads are merged!

Have both a great day!

The point is to stop thinking of it as ‘notifications’, that volume of messages goes beyond… it’s a chat more than anything.

Just be inspired in how Whatsapp works and it will be a win.

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We are running a lot of projects with a lot of members doing small sections of each project. We have over 200 tasks per project.

Team members are struggling with the inbox and are asking for better controls, the ability to sort the inbox (ala outlook) and also better levels of control on notifications, can they choose to get notified only when a task relevant to their task is completed?

Currently too much ‘noise’

The ability to control and sort the inbox would be a game changer for us.

Is this planned?


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Hi @justin.christie and thanks for your feedback!

We already have a thread on this topic; I have merged your post with the main thread and highly encourage you to add your vote to this main thread :wink:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any additional info to share on this topic at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do!

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Completely agree with this!! It’s so hard to filter through the inbox when there are so many.


We absolutely need this, a notification system would be far better - always getting worried I have missed something!!!


I couldn’t agree more! Sorting through my Asana inbox is a pain, and I never seem to get to the end of it which results in me missing important updates on projects. If a inbox sorting function was introduced it would revolutionise my inbox!

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Love many of the suggestions here, indeed if you use Asana seriously, it quickly becomes unmanageable. I contemplated whether to make a policy at my company to stop using the Like feature, cuz it’s just too much.

It seems Asana hasn’t responded in this quite popular thread, any progress on it? The feeling I get from Asana’s product updates in the past year is that they are largely focussed on corporate and newbie users instead of power users and early adopters. Many things that made our experience worse, but might make onboarding easier (UPGRADE! Sections… Inbox dots, more navigation mess, etc)

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The current options for the inbox are:

  1. Activity
  2. Archive

A third tab should be created which only shows tasks where someone has tagged you via “@”. In our business, we have found that when someone is tagging you, it is typically a more time-sensitive task. It would allow for better productivity if we can address these tasks without having to trawl through the entire activity feed to find them.

Other suggestions would be a way to allow you to filter/ sort the inbox (tagged items first, followed by date order second etc).

Another would be a way to create your own filters for notifications that run across the top of the inbox. It would be like creating a custom report.

I would love to hear what other people think :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your feedback @MichaelHarvey! We already have a thread around this topic, so I’ve just gone ahead and moved your post to More filtering options to filter Inbox notifications to gather all feedback! Hope that’s ok! :slight_smile:

and we still dont have this, despite years of paying customers requesting it


Given the post @rubzie I feel a little guilty hitting the like button…so sorry in advance?

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I suggested that above :slight_smile:

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