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I’m trying to get a modal form into our Asana environment. I have set up a development environment and created the metadata for the form and built it in the UI Builder, but I don’t know how to get the form into the development environment. Feels like I am missing something basic.


The particular ways to deploy that form are limited and documented in:

Although not officially supported by Asana, and only functional in browsers (not desktop/mobile Asana apps), you can do a lot more with browser extensions. For an example (disclaimer: I’m the creator):

So, I think you need to indicate the intended use of your form in order to specify which solution would work.



Thanks for your reply.

The modal form would just need to be attached to the task in the Asana UI, and then I’d use the API to grab information about the task and send it to a 3rd party server for logging information from the task. That’s it really. As simple as can be. I have the form set up the way it needs to be in the UI Builder, I am just not understanding how to actually make the form that I built appear in the task view.

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@Paul_Clerc, I think you want this:


Thanks Larry - so the part I’m stuck on is how to get the configured app to actually appear in the Asana interface. I have entry point and modal form configured. I’m gathering that it should just take the specified json config file and populate the interface with the elements specified there, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Does the app need to be published first or something along those lines? Thanks again for your assistance.


I’m going to have to let @Phil_Seeman, @Bastien_Siebman, or another take over.

Your users will need to request the form via the entry point.

If using it for your org only, you don’t have to submit it to Asana for approval I don’t think.


Hi @Paul_Clerc,

The UI Builder just serves to let you figure out the JSON that you’ll want to use to create the modal form. You then still need to build an external app which sends that JSON to the Asana API when it asks your app for it. You can check out their example app for more details on how that works; here’s the module that shows the JSON being sent.

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Do you know if there is an example of a php app floating around out there, or are apps required to be node?

Thanks so much for your help.

Hello @Paul_Clerc,

Wanted to throw in an alternative — you could use Ply, a no-code solution for custom Asana (and other app) modals.

–Paul Harren

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Interesting solution! This I guess is essentially a no-code way to use the browser extension technology that @lpb mentioned in his initial response.

It is interesting indeed, I found it in a use-case video alongside SmartSuite. I haven’t used it myself yet.

Ok thank you for the suggestion. Are there any specific requirements for app language? Im assuming that php is not an option. Is that correct?

Thanks again.


Language doesn’t matter at all; it just needs to be able to do standard HTTP web calls (POST/GET), and you need a server of some sort (of course it can be a virtual cloud server, I use Azure) to be able to surface endpoints that the Asana API can call.

They only have that one example app so no php example I’m afraid (and I don’t know it), but php would work fine AFAIK.

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