Missing time entry informations in stories

Hi all,

We are currently adding time entries management in our Bridge24 application.

We found what we think are important missing information.

  • In the time entry, we dont’ know modified_by + modified_at.
    Someone else can edit a time entry.
  • In the related story, we have a trace that one time entry have been edited.
    But we don’t know which one.
  • In story, we still need to parse “text” to read old + new value.
    I thought those days were over, since:

Actual story text samples:
time_tracking_entry_added: “Fred added 06m to actual time”,
time_tracking_entry_added: “Fred added 1h 15m to actual time for January 9”
time_tracking_entry_changed: “Fred updated their actual time from 06m to 09m”,
time_tracking_entry_changed: “Lydia updated Fred’s actual time from 09m to 1h 09m”,
time_tracking_entry_changed: “Fred updated their actual time from January 12 to January 11”,
time_tracking_entry_removed: “Lydia deleted their actual time”

I think these informations should be added:

time entry:

  • modified_by
  • modified_at

story [time_tracking_entry_added]

  • time_tracking_entry_id
  • text: sould always contains the day, even if it’s today.

story [time_tracking_entry_changed]

  • time_tracking_entry_id
  • old_duration_minutes
  • new_duration_minutes
  • old_entered_on
  • new_entered_on

story [time_tracking_entry_removed]

  • old_duration_minutes (important, how many minutes removed from task)
  • old_entered_on (optional)
  • text: [should be like in _added] “Lydia removed xxm to actual time (for [entered_on])”

@John_Baldo @Kem_Ozbek
Any thoughts? @Frederic_Malenfant has some good points here IMO.

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