Milestones not appearing in Project Overview (desktop app - windows)

The tasks masks as milestones do not appear in the project overview. I am working in the Desktop app for windows.

Steps to reproduce:

Asana Desktop App/Win10:

  1. Add a Milestone or Change a Task to be a Milestone in List View (Asana App).
  2. Go to Project Overview section.
  3. Milestone does not appear in Milestone Section.

Version of Asana: Personal, Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise+, Premium, Business or legacy Enterprise


Hi @Shalyce,

Could you please share a larger screenshot and a screenshot of where you see the milestones please?

Are you able to reproduce the issue on the web version?

Looking forward to your reply!

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Above are screenshots of when a sub-task is set as a milestone - nothing appears in the overview page

but a task (not-sub task) as milestone will appear in the overview page

In web browser

the same issue is in the web browser.
I’ve found that it is not that tasks as milestones do not appear - it is sub tasks as milestones. But since all of my milestones in one of my projects are subtasks then it appeared that none of them would come up in the overview page.


This is expected behavior, so I’ve moved this thread out of Report a Bug.

As you found out, subtasks are not considered to be members of the project like top-level tasks.

You can rectify this by showing the milestone subtask in the task detail pane, typing Tab+P, and adding the subtask into the project. This will cause the milestone to appear in the Overview, but also have the side effect of making the subtask a top-level task. A common workaround is to add a collapsed Hidden Subtasks sections tucked away at the bottom of the tasks list and make the project membership be directly to that section, out of view.



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