Milestone Trend Analysis? 3rd party tool? Ideas?

Hi Everyone!

I have a potential client that is looking for a tool that allows a milestone trend analysis (see here).

Since this is currently not possible in Asana, I was looking at the PowerBI integration. However, they only use/have the web version which is why this isn’t an option.

Do you have any other ideas or tools (3rd party) in mind that could help here?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Linda_Engelhardt :wave:

Have you had a look at Screenful?

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Not yet, but I will!! Many many thanks @Richard_Sather :slight_smile:

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@Linda_Engelhardt (thanks @Richard_Sather for the mention)

Here’s some information about our Forecasting chart, which is part of the Analytics & Reports add-on for Asana. It looks at how much work your team has completed in the past, and provides optimistic/likely/pessimistic scenarios for the future. Here’s what the chart looks like:

The yellow line shows the total amount of work allocated for the project and the changes made to the scope along the way. The white line is the work done so far. The chart provides an estimated date when the two lines meet.

By default, the total work is all the tasks in the selected projects, and you can narrow it down to any subset of tasks by setting a filter.

You can learn more about this chart or start a free trial to give it a try with your own data.

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