Messages API or Other Possible Workarounds


My team uses Messages as a method of status updates on major project milestones in addition to the completion of tasks. This may be somewhat redundant but with the large scale of projects we run, it provides a clear snapshot of where the project is to someone on the executive team.

With this we also want to have a Messages topic titled “Client Communication” with the latest emails added as a reply through Zapier (email as an attachment, not the text itself). I know I can send an email to the correlating project email that will add a new message, but this can get lengthy fast as it is the text itself.

This may only be one way to skin a cat as far as supplying latest client communications done through email efficiently for the executive level. Possibly there is a better method I’m not thinking of? Open to any ideas or other methods anyone else is using for this same purpose.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Joey_Flynn and welcome to the forum!

There’s currently no API for Messages, so you’ll have to utilize a non-programmatic solution. You might want to post that question in the Tips and Tricks section to get some more expansive eyes and input on it.


Thanks for the quick response, Phil. I will make a post there.