Merge Two Teams

Hello All.

My company is upgrading to Premium. But first, we want to find out if we can merge two teams into one. I look forward to your help and feedback.


@Dimitry That is very easy to do, each project has the option to move to another team. Hopefully this is the answer you are looking for.Merge%20Teams


I don’t seem to have that portion of the pulldown.

@Dimitry if you are currently a workspace and not an organization you would not have that as there are no Teams in workspaces, only organizations. I almost exclusively recommend if you have your own domain for email that you use and organization. @Marie I am assuming is Dimitry is using a free organization that the moving to a different Team exists or is this a premium feature?


Hi @Dimitry! The option to move a project to another team is only available for public projects in Organizations. If your project is private probably this is the reason why you are not seeing this option :wink: You can also try moving your projects by dragging and dropping them in the sidebar.


You are viewing a task menu while @James_Carl was showing the project menu :+1:
The project menu is accessible with the three dots button next to the project name at the top.


You are a brilliant man, thank you!