Merge/Link Custom Fields from different projects into one custom field?

We are loving the organization of Asana but we are noticing that in order for the custom fields to flow correctly from project to project and trigger the automations, we must include the exact custom field in the from project as well as the to project.
For Example:
All of the projects below feed back into our Ecommerce Merchandiser Workflow project.

  1. Pricing Project- has a Custom Field titled Pricing Type that is a single select must be included in the Merchandiser workflow project.

  2. Product Launch Projects- are launched from a template that has 5 Custom Fields built in for
    directionality and workflow, 3 of the custom fields must be included in the Merchandiser workflow project.

  3. Product Update Requests- This project has 2 Custom Fields that must be included in the Merchandiser Workflow project.
    *Custom Field Example- Change Type- Different Marketing change types depending on what needs to be updated. (PDF, Video, Asset, Enrichment, Other)

  4. Audit Project- This project has 3 Custom Fields that must be included in the Merchandiser workflow project.

With those 4 projects alone that puts the Merchandiser Workflow Project at 9 Custom Fields and it gets very busy, I wanted to create a thread and see if there is anyway to link custom fields so they can be merged together? Almost how it is done for Forms with linking to a custom field.

The Pricing Project does not need a custom field that includes marketing change types but it would be awesome if the Pricing Type Custom Field and the Change Type Custom Field could be merged or linked on the back end for the Merchandiser Workflow Project so there are not two different custom fields for change type depending on the Merchandiser Task Category.

I am hoping this is explained clearly but please let me know if this is possible or if more information is needed!


In case it wasn’t clear, I think Asana may already provide the capabilities you need so I’ll point those out (apologies if you already knew them–in that case, we’ll likely need more info from you because I can’t understand exactly what you’re requesting):

  1. Custom fields can be shared across your org (note the checked checkbox here:

    You can then add Date Published to multiple projects and you will only see it appear once in any multi-homed task; the values are merged/shared across projects for that task.
  2. Projects define a set of custom fields (kind of like connecting form questions to custom fields as you mentioned), so if a task is a member of project it will “inherit” all those custom fields and you don’t have to define them elsewhere unless you want to (for example to see them as columns, not just in task detail pane, in a project).

Finally, can I move this thread out of Ambassador Forum so that hundreds of thousands of others can benefit too?



@lpb, Thank you for your response!
Yes it can be moved from Ambassador only, my apologies.

I am aware that it can be shared across the organization and we utilize this function, the custom fields I noted were 9 different custom fields that feed into the Merchandiser Workflow Project.
Ideally we would love for them to be visible as columns for functionality and automation.

For example- We have rules built to add subtasks for tasks specifically for price increases and price decreases from our pricing project indicated by the Pricing Type Custom Field.

If the Pricing Type Custom Field is not active in the Workflow project, I was unable to build out these rules.

What I hoped was possible was to indicate that the 2 options within Pricing Type Custom Field in the Pricing Project and 5 options within Change Type Custom Field *in the Product Update Requests Project could be linked together for a universal custom field that includes all 7 options in the Merchandiser Workflow Project.
Basically Merging two Custom Fields into one without needing to have the 5 options within Change Type Custom Field visible in the Pricing Project as it does not relate to pricing.

I am doing my best to explain, I hope this helps.

Thanks, @Katie_Califf, I understand now.

I’ve moved this to Product Feedback so you can now vote for this feature at the top of the thread.

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