merge custom field to a project

Is there a way in Asana to create a custom field that can be used in different projects and from a central project collect the value of that custom field? I’m creating a issue log and want to pull in a field stating the issues captured in various different project so the issues can be view centrally.

Hi @Dylan_Wu ,

Welcome to the forum! Depending on the particulars of your workflow, this is definitely achievable via global custom fields and possibly a combination of multi-homing tasks (sharing them across different projects) and rules (automation).

As an example, if you have 5 bug report projects representing your 5 distinct software products (applicable to every industry, just picked at random), you could have a rule that categorizes each bug/issue/task in those projects with a custom single-select field. Then, when that field is set, you could have a rule that automatically adds those issues to a main project that gives you visibility of bugs across all products in one view.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m fairly new to Asana and are not familiar with multi-homing. Is there possibly a template that does this I can use or reference?

@Dylan_Wu - Check out this help guide article for more. The process is fairly simple and can either be done manually (as outlined in the article) or via rule actions (Asana’s in-platform automations); here’s a screengrab of how you would manually execute this:


In principle, “multi-homing” a task across 2+ projects simply means that the task is shared across all projects and can be viewed or edited in each. It will also contain any custom fields on those projects, which can be paired with global custom fields to share data across projects.

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I appreciate the guidance. I’ll give it a try.


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