Meet your new My Tasks

Thanks for this new feature. While it’s interesting and I imagine it allows even new features coming in it broke several flows I’ve been using (user since 2011):

  • Shortcuts stopped working - already mentioned. Alternatives mentioned by @Marie won’t work from other views than My Tasks.
  • Recurring tasks - already mentioned. While it requires extra steps it would be great to automatically move them to Later.
  • One thing that wasn’t mentioned is today’s tasks break down per project. I’ve been using a custom report for this and it’s essential to my workflow. Right now the report stopped working because you can’t search for tasks in the specific section. In the “Sort” menu you can actually sort by project but it shows tasks from all sections Today/Upcoming/Later. There is “Sort within section” option but it doesn’t work. Please, allow creating a view like this.
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I just added:

so I hope you’ll vote there.




Its sad to know that auto promotion feature is being removed and it is going to be added onto the rules feature, which means free users who were benefiting from this may not have this, unless we move to the paid tier. This strategy removing features and adding them back as a paid feature…is not ASANA like.


I could not agree more, and what is equally frustrating is that a single free user can only upgrade to 5 users minimum on the paid tier. Which means that a single user of Asana cannot get the benefit and features of the paid version unless they pay for an additional 4 users that they will never use! I just cannot understand why Asana do not allow single user subscriptions on the paid tier. Surely there is a lot of missed revenue opportunity there. So if you are a freelancer for example and do not work as part of a team or a small startup business with 2-3 users, then Asana is out. As the business grows and the asana subscription users grow with it. But in this case a small startup is likely to use an alternative and grow with that instead.


Still don’t have it. When will I get the new feature?

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@Jason_C & @Karkuvel

Free users are getting in the rules function for their My Tasks only.

Have a look at @lpb post…




I use Asana since 2014, I’m a fan.
After “Today/This Week/Later” feature, got a productivity boost.

Now this feature is removed, adding a new feature that from the user perspective does not aggregate value. My workflows are broken and my daily routine impacted.

This feature + web platform were the competitive advantages that made me keep into asana and recommend asana anywhere I go, and not to choose others that offers the same daily organizing flow such as 2Do or Omnifocus.

I really hope this flow gets available for paid versions only, otherwise this will show ASANA WAY OF DOING CHANGED and does not align with any values I look for in organizations.

That being said, I wait for a quick solution. Meanwhile is time to try another tools out there.


I can see benefits from the changes, like some users who might prefer a board layout. But the two things that are destroying my workflow are:

  1. No keyboard shortcuts (the suggested ⌘ ⇧ ↑ / ⌘ ⇧ ↓ shortcuts to move between sections don’t work with collapsed sections apparently also rendering them pretty useless)
  2. Breaking the hack so that all recurring tasks appear in Recently Assigned. This compounds issue #1 and really makes My Tasks a chore to use in its current state.

Hoping for quick fixes!


I still don’t have the new My Tasks either. The timelines all suggested it would be fully rolled out by late April. As my org’s admin, I’d like to be able to give my users an accurate expectation of when they’ll see their workspace change.


WIll the tasks in Upcoming and Later move to Today when the due date is today?



This looks great. Looking forward to further customising my My Tasks page.

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It looks like keyboard shortcuts stopped working, no TAB+Y, TAB+U or TAB+L anymore, even if the docs still mention it. Is it a bug or a feature? It’s a major problem for me.


Any timeline for the fast fix? Between the bug where recurring tasks get put into Recently Assigned, and replacing a single keystroke with half a dozen or more (or reaching for a mouse) to move tasks to Upcoming or Later, this is a perfect storm of making Asana infuriating to use.


Hi everyone!

@Vanessa_Gardner we are planning to start gradually rolling out the new My Tasks to existing Business and Enterprise customers starting the end of May. You will be notified about the migration 2 weeks before it takes effect on your account.

@Tim_Jasper we are planning to implement custom fields in My Tasks in future updates! In regards to the second rule “move to a section>> Outcome: add task to a project”, you can currently create this trigger with the custom tule builder.

As it stands, you can search by tasks assigned to you and select a specific criteria. However, we don’t have immediate plans to implement the option to search within sections in My tasks.

When you multi-select tasks in a project, you will be able to move tasks between sections in that project but not in your My Tasks. If you access each task, you will be able to update its section.

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Hi @Ben_Studer, thanks for reaching out! When you select “Delete section”, you will be prompted to delete only the section and keep the tasks. Those tasks will be automatically moved to a untitled section that you can keep at the bottom of the list. In order to best assist you here, I’d also recommend you to contact our support team, confirm how you would like to organize your My Tasks and some screenshots showing your current sections. Our team will be able to have a closer look and offer some advise: How to contact our Support Team ✉

Thanks for your feedback, @Jason_C! I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the new My Tasks. This new version is fully customizable and now you can have better control over your My Tasks and how to organize your work. In regards to the recurring tasks in the Recently assigned section, our team is aware of this and we are looking into it. If you don’t have the option to drag and drop your tasks, it’s likely because you are sorting your list by Due Date. Please feel free to reach out to our via our #tipsandtricks category if you have follow-up questions or you still cannot drag and drop your tasks, we’ll be happy to help!

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Todd_Cavanaugh! We hope to have news about keyboard shortcuts and recurring tasks in the recently assigned section soon :raised_hands:

@Russel_Fogg we will notify users two weeks before the migration takes effect on their account!

@Jaime_Blanco with the new My tasks you will be able to create the rule Move tasks to the “Today” section when the due date is “Today”, this means any tasks approaching “Today” will move to the Today section.

@Jordi I shared a workaround in this comment, but we hope to introduce keyboard shortcuts in upcoming updates :slight_smile:


Will the new My Tasks update include any updates to how subtasks are managed??

Specifically - My Tasks organized by Project. Subtasks should be located in the project they’re within instead of under “No Project” – without the tasks being pulled into the main project List when I’ve viewing the individual project.

This would make viewing my personal tasks in “My Tasks” vastly more functional and organized, without making the main project views a mess with all the subtasks being viewed there.

It seems that this request was posed in this post and many others: Project Name for subtasks & Section in My Tasks


Hi Emily,

Do I need a paid version for this?

with the new My tasks you will be able to create the rule Move tasks to the “Today” section when the due date is “Today”, this means any tasks approaching “Today” will move to the Today section.


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This is the most horrible update that I just had to comment. This update basically breaks our workflow that I have been using for YEARS as others have commented and also a blatant attempt to force people to pay for the “Custom Rules”. UGH. What an abomination of an update and really just infuriating. Just give us an option to OPT OUT of these updates please for goodness sake or most of us here will have no choice but to look to your competitors. You are losing us. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Have to push back on this one point - the rules needed to implement the equivalent of the old auto-promote are available at all subscription levels including free. (You actually have more flexibility now.)