Measure how long a task has a certain custom field with a certain status?



I have a challenge for you :slight_smile:

Does anyone know an add-on with which I can measure how long a task has a certain status in a custom field?
e.g. An IT ticket has a custom field with status and I want to measure for how long the status was “In progress/solving”.

Something like this is possible in JIRA and I am sure there should be a solution out there.

@paulminors did you have this issue perhaps before?



I bet you could do this with the API!


I wonder if you can do something like this in Zapier.


  1. When custom field changes to “In Progress” update another field to the start date.
  2. Once a day, look at the start date/time and work out the difference from the current date/time.
  3. Then update another field to show “time in progress”.

It’s not an elegant solution, but that’s where I would start to have a play.


@Mark_Hudson Didn’t you mention in a post that you do this?


Hi Jason. I’m flattered that you feel I have the technical skill to do this! :slight_smile:

No, we use a very basic custom field to track the time spent on a task - colleagues input an estimate, rounded up to the nearest hour. It sounds like Sebastian’s after something more automated and precise.

I bet @Allen would have a way to solve this.



I don’t know of any add-on. However @Alexis is correct. This can definitely be done using the API but of course you will still have to code it. :slight_smile:

  1. Get all tasks with the specific status in the custom field
  2. Check each and every story of each task which has the date and time the custom field was updated to the current status
  3. Aging = current date and time - story date and time

If story is not available: Aging = current date and time - task creation date and time

However, there’s a flaw in this logic. The story might not be available because it was deleted by the same person who updated the status.