Matrix Organisation in several divisions

Hello dear members,
I have the following request. In our company we have several divisions. Each division consists of several people. The current situation is as follows: Each division has at least one internal Asana project. There, the persons exchange tasks internally in the department. Furthermore, the departments have Asana projects with the supervisor. Likewise, departments also have their own Asana projects among themselves.
The problem is that we have a lot of projects and the people lose the overview. We have separated the projects from each other for several reasons. Among other things, some departments are not allowed to see everything or they should only see what is important for them.

My question is, do you have an idea how we can organize this better? I have attached a picture about the current Asana structure. I am looking forward to feedback.


Hi @Andreas_Pfanzelt can you further explain what you are referring to here?

Hi @Getz_Pro ,
Our employees are assigned to about 15-20 projects. This is because we always have a project from Division A to Division B, for example. Division A also has its own project. With the current structure, there will be more in the future because not every division uses Asana yet. Because of the many projects, the employees lose the overview. They don’t know to which project a task should be assigned. Sometimes a task is important for several departments. So it is difficult to define to which project this task should now be assigned.