Master Resource Page - Task Completion

Within each department we have created “Master Resource” projects to house all the main requested forms and documents within each department.

I would like to then create a Organization Wide Master Resource Project for everything to roll-up into. In the same vein I would also like to create a Master Employee Onboarding Template.

When doing this - for example - I have created a “Employee Handbook” as a task underneath HR - Master Resources project. A user can go find that document there. In addition to that I want that resource to a task to complete within Onboarding. Do I duplicate the task (rather than creating a copy)? When the new employee marks it complete - it marks it complete for all. I’ve read how to make the documents “comment only” on each department page - this makes sense… but I need the new employee to validate they have read it.

Thoughts on how you’ve navigated this?

First, let me say that it looks like you already have a great organization! :heart_eyes:

I believe in your case you can’t indeed share the « document task ». The cleanest and easiest would be to create a task that has a mention to the document task in the description.

And you can use the latest trick from @Jerod_Hillard about building reports based on a mention (he will share it here again I hope) to find all tasks referencing your task document if needed.

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I agree with Bastien regarding the initial setup and structure of your organization. Nice work!

I also really like his consideration for this use case to take advantage of a recent post about reporting on at-mentions. You can find it here:

I’d recommend that your at-mention of the document be in the comment field of the task. That way it can’t be deleted by users and thus the reporting of this at-mention will remain intact.

Within your Master Resource you could list all the various reports that capture tasks being completed by employees through onboarding. This would be really helpful for the reporting managers to see what topic-based items their people have taken action on.