Master project containing all tasks in correct sections?

I’m new to Asana and currently setting up all our projects. We’re wanting to have one master project which contains each task in the correct section - so when we move it to our ‘To Do’ section in the project it creates the task in our master project and puts it in that ‘To Do’ section. Again when we move it to ‘Doing’ and ‘Complete’.
I have set the rules up so when it is added to each section it is duplicated in the master project and into the correct section, but we seem to be hitting a wall about having duplicate tasks with the same name in the same project.
We are currently stuck with the project getting duplicated in to the ‘To Do’ section of the master project, but then not working beyond that. Is there a way to set up a master view of all tasks, or link the tasks between the two projects?

Did you consider using a custom field instead of a section? Then you can sort the project by this custom field, and all projects will stay in sync.

You mean it is added to the project, not duplicated I believe.