Managing view access for individual team members?

I want to have a calendar that I can see where all of my team members will be on certain dates for work. However, I only want the team members to have access to view their tasks.

Is there a way as a manager to restrict access to calendar view to team members so they can only see their tasks? Do I need a premium version to get this feature? Thanks!

@A_Bee_Organic_Inspec, The only way I can think of using the free version to support what you’re asking is:

  1. Have one team with one project in it for each combination of you + one team member
  2. Have one team with one project in it just for you only
  3. Have one team with one project in it for everyone where you put all tasks. (This could be optional if all tasks appear in at least one of the projects in (1)

Now, multihome (Add to Project) each (3) task into both (2) and (1).

The calendar in (2) is the one rolled-up for you to see all, and it’s hidden from others.

The calendars in (1) are the ones where each team member, and you, can see only their task.

Hope that helps,


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