Can i view all of my projects together in Calendar view?

Hello, can i view all of my projects together in Calendar view? So not individually, but so I see everything I have to do everyday for all my projects? Thank you

I know two ways of handling this:

  1. Use My Tasks/Calendar. It has all your Task and subtask assignments from any project (only those items Assigned to you). No extra effort, but may be quite a messy Calendar, as it contains all your assignments, complete and incomplete, including tasks and subtasks.

  2. Use a generic project e.g. “Amy’s All Project Tasks”, and for every Task you want to see on a calendar, multi-home it (add it) to “Amy’s All Project Tasks”. This is extra effort, but gives you more control over what’s in the calendar, so you have a better chance of avoiding overloading.


@Amy_Bullman, In addition to @Stephanie_Oberg’s great answers, I’ll add another option in case it might work for you: If all the projects that you want to see together on a single calendar are in the same Team, you can use the Team Calendar to see them all rolled-up together. This only works, of course, if you’re ok keeping this projects in the same team (and assuming no other projects with tasks with due dates in the same team gum up the works). If so, this is no extra effort. If not, then use one of the better suggestions above.



Thank you so much!

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