Managing Recurring Tasks of skipped schedules

Hi all,

I am currently using recurring task for tasks that I need to do periodically. However, I would like to understand best practice for schedules that are skipped.

For example: Review of task is set at 8PM daily between Nov. 1 - Nov. 4.

Nov. 1 = completed (so I click complete on this task)
Nov. 2 = not completed
Nov. 3 = not completed
Nov. 4 = completed

In this case that I have skipped doing the recurring task on Nov. 2, and Nov. 3, and then for November 4, I have set myself to do the tasks, apparently in the system, I have no other option but to click complete the recurring task that was scheduled on Nov. 2 (even if this was not actually done), and Nov. 3 (even if this was not actually done) before I can click complete the actually completed/performed task on Nov. 4.

Is there a way to manage the recurring task to what actually has happened? Like skip Nov. 2 and Nov. 3 recurring tasks, and instead click complete Nov. 4 since it was the day I actually completed the task?. Since there is no incomplete button, it is only either I click the task complete or totally delete it

Thank you.


The main solution I know is to manually change the due date to jump to the next date… You could also comment saying “haven’t done it” and complete.
Last one, use my tool to create “real” recurring tasks.

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Thanks Bastien.