Managing Blocking who can complete a task


I was hoping Asana would have an integration with DocuSign or some method of adding authentication to a task completion. One way to achieve this would be to take the recent ‘Comment Only’ permissions and apply them to the task level. For Example, ‘Jane’ would be the only person with permissions to complete the task assigned to ‘Jane’.

Another feature that is related to this, and comparable to DocuSign, would be to have the option to require a pin for a task to be marked complete. Jane could only complete her task if she entered her Pin, as an equivalent to a signature. This would increase the traceability of task managing from a quality perspective.



Managing/Blocking who can complete a task

Hi everyone!

I don’t know if this is able or not, hope you have a suggestion!

Recently, the purchasing and supplier department want to create a “make a request project” and leave behind the old system because asana works so well with multiple users and collaboration.
However we want to make a subtask that ONLY the general accountant can complete. Is there a way we can block who complete a task?
Because we want that the user creates a new task with the request and when the process is complete, our manager could just authorize the purchase right there.

Hope you can help! Thank you in advance!



Hi @Sebastian_Garcia

You can use private projects or comment only projects to achieve this.

I would suggest having the Subtask for the general accountant being in a project that is comment only for everyone else other than the accountant.

Have a look at these two articles.

Hope this helps.


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